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Well maintained pumping equipment in most cases will decrease the chances of breakdown and failure of pumps, however cannot eliminate wear and tear of parts over time.

At New Haden Pumps, we can provide a full repair service to meet your requirements including inspection of the pumps, diagnosing the issue and recommending replacement parts required or remedial works required to ensure your pumping equipment is operational as soon as possible.

In cases when pumps cannot be repaired and made operational on site, our engineers will give the customer recommendations based on their knowledge and are equipped and trained to remove the pumps to return them to our workshop for full inspection and repair.

Our engineers will also give recommendations of spare parts required and are equipped with a selection of parts which can be installed on site during the inspection of equipment on site.

If you consider your pumping equipment is in need of repair, please contact our team on 01538 757 900 to discuss further.

What is Tankerage?

Tankerage is quite simply the removal of waste from the pumping station to restore the pump system to full operational use for the customer. Tankers can also be provided to pressure jet wash the pumping chamber to avoid a build-up of grease or sludge forming a crust.

Over time pump stations can become built up with waste including fats and grease which then leads to pump failure. In this situation, a tanker is required to unblock pumps and remove the congested waste.

Non-bio-degradable products such as nappies, sanitary products, cloths, cleaning rags, cooking oils and medical equipment should never be disposed of through the drainage system as these can block your pumps and compromise their effectiveness.

New Haden Pumps can provide a tanker service to all customers to ensure your pump and pump stations are kept in optimum condition. Please contact our team now to discuss your tanker requirements on 01538 757 900.

New Haden Pumps also provide a 12-month Warranty for all pumps (from commissioning date – when installed; or supply date) and spares supplied.

If your pumps or replacement parts have failed or require attention at a repair visit, this may be covered under Warranty, providing these are manufacturing and equipment failure defects. The Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, unauthorised modifications, normal wear and tear and external causes beyond our control.

Please call us now to discuss any issues concerning you which may be affecting your pumping equipment and covered under Warranty – 01538 757900.

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