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Project Description

GRP Packaging Stations

COMPAC GRP Packaged Pumping Station and Accessories

Chamber: Vertical cylindrical watertight purpose built pump chamber with sewer inlet and discharge connections as required, in accordance with the data sheet attached. The unit is complete with cable and chain suspension bracket, access cover with frame moulded in or separate as required. The chamber is manufactured producing a minimum thickness of 6mm. Larger diameter chambers are reinforced in critical areas with horizontal ribs at adequate depths giving hoop strength and stability.

Available Diameters: 600mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1800mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, all depths up to 9 meters.

Pumps: Fully submersible of cast iron construction, directly coupled to a watertight IP68 submersible motor with flexible cable. An oiled filled buffer chamber with opposing seals in incorporated between the pump and motor.

Accessories: Pipe and valves fitted within the chamber, giving a final connection to suit the rising main. Low level self-locating quick release coupling incorporating a 90° duck foot bend, guide rail and chain from the pump to the chamber head. Alternatively, free standing pumps with flexible hose, quick release coupling and non-return and gate valve fitted to the final pipe section.

Electrical Equipment: Control Panel: Single section sheet steel dustproof with damp protecting cabinet in RAL7032 light grey polyester powder coat finish for wall or backboard mounting. IP54 protection, with front access, necessary door labels and incorporating:

  1. Compartment with door interlocked mechanical and electrical isolator.
  2. Sets of motor fuses plus necessary HRC fuses for the control circuit, transformer etc.
  3. Contactor starters, with timers where appropriate, incorporating thermal overload and single phase protection
  4. Hand/Auto/Off switches.
  5. Automatic duty pump alternator
  6. Sets of run and trip lamps
  7. Low voltage level control circuitry serving the level controls
  8. High level alarm lamp and buzzer.
  9. Set of volt free contracts for BMS

Note: For ‘Ex’ rated motors, high temperature klaxon cut outs and intrinsically safe relay circuitry fitted.

Level Controls: Encapsulated float switched with suspension cables.

Weatherproof Kiosk: GRP weatherproof kiosk with high level beacon can be supplied to house control panel.

GRP Datasheet up to 750
GRP Datasheet up to 1000
Construction Line Vetted Contractor Society of Public Health Safe Contractor